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Best Space Heaters for Staying Warm 2022


It's November! Shorter days, longer nights and cold weather. To keep yourself warm, space heaters provide a great and economical eay to stay warm in your room, office or workplaces. Not all space heaters are built the same. Some heaters may help heat up a big spaces while some heaters are good for small room. So which is the one to buy? 

First, do space heaters really save money and energy?

In general, using a space heater properly can be great way to save money. Space heater use less energy than heating, ventilation & air conditioning (HVAC) operating at the same temperature, which help you save more on your electricity bills. It saves even more by turning off the central heating thermostats while turning on the space heater. Importantly, space heaters consume electricity only when in use, unplug it when there is enough warmth in the room. 

Next, what space heater size should I go for?

- Large: A large unit is ideal for heating garage, basement, warehouse when working on jobsites during cold wintery months. 
- Small: If you are more concerned with quickly heating one or two person, small space heaters is the best option that can quickly warm a room within 15 minutes.

Last, what type of space heater should I buy?

Here are the common types of space heaters available at Clarkes of Cavan.

To give your room's and office room's heating system a little boost, you may need a space heater. 

3 Best Heaters for Home and Office Room:

1. 2000w Supawarm Electric Fan Heater


This small electric fan heater is perfect for smnall room where you want to heat up in a short amount of time. It distributes heat quickly and efficiently. Plus, this Supawarm electric fan heater is small, lightweight, meaning they are portable. 

Why we like it: cheap, small (27 X 23 X 13.5cm), integrated carry handle, 2 heat settings (1000W & 2000W)

2. 2000w Warmlite Electric Convection Heater

This 2000w electric convention heater is extremely effective at heating small-medium-sized spaces in short time while ensuring that the heat is distributed evenly across the space. It is quiet so can be a good choice for rooms such as studies or home offices. With built-in overheat protection, the unit will automatically turn off when it becomes too hot. 

Why we like it: easy to use, light (1.92kgs), safe and secure, 3 heat settings (750W, 1250W & 2000W)

3. 3000w AC Brooklyn Electric Fan Heater


3000w professional industrial fan heater will easily hit up entire office room. Easily direct the fan towards wherever you want some heating with this fan's tilting design. This electric fan heater comes fully assembled, allowing you to instantly plug in and use it straight out of the box. 

Why we like it: convenient with carry handle, 3 heat settings (40W, 1500W & 3000W), heating area 30m2, Air output 286m3/h

Heating your workplace is crucial for the safety of your employees and guest. Adding heating to your workplace will not only ensure protection for employees, but it also help benefit production processes. 

Best Heaters for Industrial, Workshops, Garages, Factories:

1. 30000w Draper 230V Diesel and Kerosene Space Heater 

It is multi-fuel diesel and kerosene clean burn heater is fitted with a compressor pump for high efficiency. With 33 litre tank offers great fuel economy, able to heat large spaces quickly for approximately 10 hours. LED light shows when in operation. It is a reliable industrial space heater as it manufactured from high quality steel and has a protective gloss black powder coated finish.

Why we like it: easy to use with simple on & off switch, easy to move with wheels, able to heat up large spaces for 10 hours, suitable for use in both open and semi-open environments.

2. 18000w Jefferson Inferno 60 Space Heater


Jefferson 60,000BTU (British Termal Unit) Diesel, Parraffin and Kerosene Heater with 19 litre tank capacity with a running time of approximately 11 hours and maximum fuel consumption of 1.7 litre/hr. Integral fuel gauge, thermostat fitted to save fuel once the desired temperature is reached. It has a heavy duty powder coated finish for added durability and value. Ideal for workshops, farms and garages.

Why we like it: able to heat up large space for 11 hours, runs on 3 different fuel types (Diesel, Kerosene & Paraffin)

3. 50000w AC Brooklyn Space Heater


AC Brooklyn Space Heater 175,000BTU (British Termal Unit) is a professional diesel filled space heater. 50Kw making it one of the higher specification space heaters. The 56 litre fuel tank supplies an extremely fuel-efficient and delivering an impressive 175,000 Btu/hr. Ideal for large industrial workplaces. Automatic over heat protection and flame sensor safety features for peace of mind and security. 

Why we like it: produces enough heat for large spaces, runs on both diesel and kerosene, wheels for ease of transportation

Last, space heaters is the simple and relatively inexpensive upgrades that can help during the colder months. Here at Clarkes of Cavan, we offer huge range of space heaters from electric to diesel. Visit us in store to buy the lowest prices on heaters, starting from €15.

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