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Honda 2417


2019 Honda HF2417 HME Lawnmowers

42″ Cut
17 HP
Fan Assisted deck
Built-in Mulcher

The Best of Everything

Whatever the grass condition, they’ll give you the result you’re looking for. And a big smile when the job’s done.
These lawn tractors are a collection of simple, innovative engineering ideas. But that’s not the only thing that makes them different and unquestionably the best.

You’ll notice the difference as soon as you see the shiny red body finish. The way the panels fit, the seat material, the firm steering wheel and the way the hand controls feel in your hands. Built around a strong chassis, with a sturdy cast-iron front axle and a strong, low-maintenance V-twin engine, these machines have many other features that prove why a Honda is an excellent choice.

Tough as A Tractor

A Cast-Iron Front Axle Adds Extra Strength to The Chassis Whilst Enhancing the Steering Feel.

More than Just a Ride-On Mower

They have a unique airflow system created by Honda, providing you with the ultimate collecting performance. There’ll be no more clogging in the collection chute, and therefore, your lawn will start to look better from the moment you start using one. There’s also Versamow®, a selective mulching feature. With the correct height adjustment, this will help you create a natural fertiliser as you mow.

Synchronous Blades

Better arrangement for superior cutting performance and results.
The Honda synchronised blade belt system for constant cutting performance and better airflow.

Honda renowned ingenuity has developed a blade arrangement using the synchronous method. With the synchronised timing belt, it allows the blades to spin together constantly at a 90˚ opposed angle, providing a smooth and effective cut and collection.

Better Performance All-Around

With a Honda Premium Lawn tractor, you’ll get much better cutting and mulching performance with this type of blade configuration. All you have to do is drive. The blades have seven different height settings from 30cm to 70cm and work inside one cutter deck, provide much better airflow for gathering up the cuttings. This is essential for maintaining the high levels of collecting performance and, at the same time, dramatically reducing any risk of clogging.

Adjust the height as you drive. The height of the cut can be easily raised or lowered from where you sit with this lever.

V Power

Pioneers in 4-Stroke Engine Development, Honda Has Consistently Excelled in V-Twin Engine Technology. We’ve brought what we’ve learned on the road into your garden. Years of research from our motorcycle and car engines are applied to our Premium lawn tractors, producing the best possible engines for lawn care and management.

Our Premium lawn tractor engines have a decompression system that makes the engine easier to turn over from startup. The ‘Pro’ spec engine has cast iron cylinder sleeves and crankshaft bearings for longer life, along with a larger air filter for improved performance. It’s the best 4-stroke you can ride. They’re both economical on fuel and have the lowest emissions in the industry.

Larger Fuel Tank

All premium lawn tractors have a massive 8.5-litre fuel tank at the rear and are easy to fill.

From the tarmac to your garden. Up to the minute, technologies from our motorcycles are used in our 4-stroke lawn tractor engines.

Keeping the fuel cool and fewer pit-stops

We have placed the fuel tank towards the rear of the machine, well away from the engine’s heat. This keeps the fuel much cooler reducing evaporation, and keeps the quality high. Our Premium mowers have an extended fuel range due to the larger capacity fuel tank and relocation of the fuel tank, so you can cut miles more grass without having to stop and fill up so often.

Love Your Lawn Tractor

Look after your Premium lawn tractor, and it’ll look after your lawn for longer. Special anti-corrosive treatment is applied before painting. We’ve also included a hose attachment for easy cleaning.

Inside the cutter deck is where all the hard work is done. It can sometimes be dirty work, too – it’s a harsh environment. To protect this part of the machine, a special anti-corrosive treatment is applied to the deck and then painted for a smooth finish. This magic formula provides double protection from rust and will keep your tractor looking good for a long time.

Keep the Deck Clean and Clear

When you’ve finished, it’s always good to clean up inside and to make it easier for you, Honda added a very handy hosepipe-to-hose nozzle attachment. All you have to do is hook up your hosepipe, turn on the water, and with the engine running and the blades engaged, the spinning action will wash out any debris that wants to stick to the underside – easy.

Our Premium lawn tractors make short work of long grass.

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