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Lawnmower Buying Guide: How to Buy the Best Ride On Lawnmower


Lawnmower Buying Guide: How to Buy the Best Ride On Lawnmower

It can be difficult to decide which ride on lawnmower to buy, but it is really about matching your needs against what is available. The size of your lawn and your budget will determine whether you need a ride-on lawnmower. If you take a little time to read the guidance below, you will totally understand what your needs are and buy the best lawnmower for youself.

1. Buy the right size for your lawn

Small lawn:
For example, if you have a small lawn and don't want to spend extra money, a ride-on lawnmower is not a top priority. You can also use a push lawnmower (also known as a self-propelled lawnmower) or a robotic lawnmower to trim the lawn on its own.
* Read our previous article to get more info about automower: Why you need to get an Automower?

Medium to Large lawn:
The larger the lawn, the larger the mower required to cut your grass in less time and with less effort.
The advantages of larger ride-on lawnmowers:
- mow more grass at once
- have massive grass collectors capable of collecting more grass before needing to be emptied

2. Which type of ride-on lawnmower is the best for you?

Front Deck Rider Mowers
If you have less than an acre of lawn to mow, a riding lawnmower with a cutting deck in front is the best choice. A ride-on mower engine is usually located in the back and they are very small machines. It's great for trimming around trees, flower beds, and garden benches.

Lawn Tractors
Lawn tractors are typically larger than ride-on mowers. The engine is in the front, the seat is in the back, and the rotary cutting blades are under the seat. They have stronger engines than ride-on mowers and are ideal for mowing large areas, difficult terrain, and rough paddocks.

3. What you need to consider before buying ride-on mowers or lawn tractors?

Ride-on mowers:

  • Mulching is the process of cutting grass into fine pieces and blowing it back onto the lawn to decompose. One advantage is that there is no need to deal with a grass collector.
  • Twin blades: Twin blades provide a smoother finish than a single blade.
  • Zero turn mowers: If you have a large number of trees or a complicated lawn, a zero turn mower will allow you to cut the grass against obstacles and corner smoothly.

Lawn tractors:

  • The hydrostatic transmission automatically changes gears, so all you have to do is control the direction with the pedals.
  • 4WD (four-wheel drive): easily navigates rolling terrain and steep slopes.
  • Deck Height: The deck should not be too low or too high. Typically, the best mower height for mulching is 3 inches. This is easily adjustable to suit the season and the length of grass desired.

The Best Ride On Lawnmower/ Lawn Tractors of 2023

1. Honda HF2417 HME Ride On Lawnmower

Honda HF2417 HME Ride-On Lawnmower

Honda's best-selling ride-on mower, the HF217 HME riding lawnmower. The Honda HF 2417 has a hydrostatic transmission with step-less control that is only controlled by a single pedal. In addition, the riding mower features Honda's Versamow selective mulching. The riding mower can either collect grass cuttings into a bag or finely shred and blow them into the lawn for natural fertilizer with a single lever. Most importantly, the reduced vibration and optimized air flow will ensure a smooth ride. The premium HF2417 ride on mowers are built to last with outstanding V-Twin engines, Versamow selective mulching, and tough bumper protection.

2. Kubota GR2120 Ride On Lawnmower
Kubota GR2120 Ride On Lawnmower Clarkes of Cavan

The Kubota GR2120 is a powerful and capable garden mower designed for heavy-duty use. For the ultimate in garden care, the GR2120 has 4WD and a hydraulic deck lift. It has a one-of-a-kind Glide Steer System that allows it to turn more tightly. This means that when you mow around the trees, the front tyres will turn at a 70-degree angle. The inner rear wheel is disengaged, which reduces turf damage. Once straight, the all-wheel drive system is reactivated to provide maximum traction.

3. Husqvarna R214TC Rider Lawnmower

Husqvarna R 214 TC Rider Lawnmower
The Husqvarna R214TC Rider has been named the Best Ride-On Mower and Garden Tractor of 2021 for the fifth consecutive years. Mowing is made easier with the pedal-operated hydrostatic transmission, easy-access controls, and automatic blade engagement. The rider mower is capable of much more than just cutting your lawn. It helps you maintain your garden throughout the year thanks to attachments such as a snow blade, trailer, moss rake, and spreader. Overall, the R214TC is a powerful riding lawn tractor that is ideal for large lawns with numerous obstacles.

4. Kubota GR1600-II Ride On Lawnmower

Kubota GR1600-II Ride-On Lawnmower

With the Kubota GR1600-II ride-on mower, you can have a beautiful, well-kept lawn. The GR1600-II is visually appealing due to its sleek appearance and aerodynamic body. More importantly, this mower is simple to use and maintain, with a slew of high-performance features like a newly redesigned, larger capacity grass collector. The GR 1600-II gives you the ability to produce results that can increase the value of any home. The Kubota GR1600-II is a diesel ride-on mower in its rear discharge/grass collection segment, known for its mowing quality and grass collection in all conditions.

5. Honda HF2625 HME Ride On Lawnmower 
Honda HF2625 HME Ride On Lawnmower Clarkes of Cavan

You will get much better cutting and mulching performance with a Honda HF 2625 HME Ride on lawn tractor. This 4-stroke engine is the result of Honda's R&D expertise in order to provide the best in power, reliability, and fuel efficiency. Honda HF2625 can either collect grass cuttings into a bag or finely shred and blow them into the lawn for natural fertilizer with a single lever. Overall, our Honda ride-on mower are built to last, with outstanding V-Twin engines, VersamowTM selective mulching, and tough bumper protection.

Finally, we understand that you will have many questions when deciding on the best mower for your needs. Call or visit our store today to make sure it's the right mower for you! We will assist you in making the best decision for your lawn while keeping you stress-free.

We also stock wide range of used lawnmowers at Clarkes of Cavan from the top brands. Let's call into our machinery showroom and chat with one of our sales specialist. Call Sales 📞 on 049 433 2166. 💸 Fast Finance Available. 🤝 We take Trade-ins. 🚐 Nationwide Delivery. 🔧 After sales part & service backup instore or store.

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