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Why buy a Compact Tractor?


Compact Tractors are ideal for horse paddocks, garden maintenance, golf courses, vineyards,  shopping centres, councils,  schools, GAA & football pitches, landscaping and so much more. They can be used for farming also but because of their size and versatility, their actual everyday uses list is massive, and the best part is their price.

We have comprised a list of some of the most popular uses for compact tractors in Ireland.

Gardening & Landscaping
If you are a homeowner or landscaper, a compact tractor can be your best friend. Everything from rotovating, to digging, moving clay, fencing lifting blocks and stones and rolling. The lightness of the compact tractor won’t destroy what was created and the excellent turning circle means they are great in tight spaces.

Golf courses & Pitches
Mowing a golf course and pitch can be quite the task depending on the size of the course or pitch. A compact tractor fitted with turf tyres and a topper on the back can make this task effortless and a lot quicker than using a lawnmower.

Vineyards & Fruit fields
With space not on your side, a vineyard is a perfect place for a compact tractor. A normal tractor is too big and would destroy all around it.

Around the farm
If you have smaller jobs to do around the farm a compact tractor can do the job perfectly. Moving stone or clay with a trailer, transporting with a rear-mounted box, assisting with a front loader shovel, spraying and so much more. Quite a lot more fuel-efficient than a normal tractor and well capable of many jobs.

We have one of the largest selections of compact tractors out there, both NEW & USED.
Some of our compacts have decks, loaders, collection boxes, cabs, no cabs… The choice is endless.

Wanna know more?
Call us on 049 433 2166 to speak to one of our salesmen. Maybe the work you do can benefit from one of these compact tractors.

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