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Kids Diggers
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Kids Diggers (9)
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Dimensions: 40 X 78 X 23 cm

Max Load Up : 50kg

4% OFF

Max Load Up: 50kg

6% OFF

Age: 3 - 8 years

Loader: Included

Hood: Can be opened

Seat: Adjustable

5% OFF

Loader: Included

Seat: Adjustable

Design: Comes with Rollover bar, Pivot Plate Steering, Sturdy Steering Rod, Protected Chain Drive

Accessories: Functional accessories can be added

7% OFF
13% OFF

Kids Diggers

We have a great selection of Kids Diggers as part of our Pedal and Ride on Toys range. We stock high quality, real to life made toys for your Kids imagination to run wild with the entertainment you can get from being able to work around the house or outside in a non stop fun environment! We have Rolly Diggers from only the top brands such as John Deere, Volvo, CAT and many more. These models made with stunning accuracy to detail are recommended for kids aged 3 to 8 years where they can add to their already growing Rolly Pedal and Ride on Toys collection. Create the full workspace with our Rolly Diggers! Rolly Pedal and Ride on Toys always have what it takes to play and by adding Diggers to the mix, recreate the world with your toys all on your own!

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